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Agora Guerrero

Acapulco Guerrero

Acapulco, Guerrero, is one of the largest and most popular tourist destinations in Mexico thanks to its wonderful beaches, its intense nightlife and a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities that come together in the region , n. Ver más

Extreme Sports in Acapulco Guerrero

Fans of extreme sports in Acapulco Guerrero will find the widest variety of activities to satisfy your thirst for adrenaline, with complete safety and precaution in the various beaches of this tourist destination may rent waverunners, enjoy a... Ver más

Rural tourism in Acapulco

Despite being famous for the presence of lush beaches, the city has other interesting alternatives for unforgettable holidays, rural tourism in Acapulco is one of them. Developed in the vicinity of the village, this outdoor activity is one of... Ver más

Acapulco Tecomate Lagoon

Thanks to the geographical and climatic region of Guerrero, there are great attractions around the main city, like Laguna de Tecomate. Acapulco is a tourist destination in addition to having the best beaches in the country has wonderful natur... Ver más

Acapulco Central Market

One of the most important centers for the city of Acapulco Central Market. Within this complex as the largest business in the region, open from six in the morning, many people from different parts of the State of Guerrero visited the farm to ... Ver más

Acapulco's main avenue

Around Acapulco's main avenue there is a very interesting range of different areas: culinary, clothing, gift shop, crafts, among others. Under the name of Michael German, this road can be connected between the main sectors and around the ... Ver más

Acapulco Playa Hornitos

Within the State of Guerrero there is a wonderful area of coast that attracts visitors from abroad, such as Playa Hornitos. Acapulco is the largest city in the region, which has an excellent range of alternative attractions in the center and ... Ver más

Villages near Acapulco

After having visited different sites that are located in the city and its environs, one of the most enjoyable ways to continue your holiday is a walk through the villages near Acapulco. Characterised by its beautiful scenery and interesting v... Ver más

Acapulco International Film Festival

Every year, residents and visitors enjoy one of the biggest events in the region: the International Film Festival. Acapulco, during the development of FICA, becomes the center of attention of global cinema. Organised with the support of impor... Ver más

La Roqueta Acapulco

The natural wonders that presents this Mexican destination tourism development have allowed not only the city but the entire region of Guerrero. Along its shores, these attractions have strengthened the international significance of these Pac... Ver más

Shotover Jet Acapulco

The Shotover Jet Acapulco is one of the most interesting and innovative attractions throughout the State of Guerrero. This designation refers to a passage on a boat traveling at high speed, which is why it rises a few inches above the water. ... Ver más

Acapulco Fiesta Mexicana

Historically, the region of Guerrero has been characterized for hosting the most important celebrations that take place in the country. Thanks to its beautiful coasts, people are in this area a very pleasant natural setting for the developmen... Ver más

Dance Festival in Acapulco

One of the most significant events in Guerrero is the Dance Festival in Acapulco. During a series of fun days that occur in the various presentations, attendees can see the best pieces performed by skilled people. Ideal to attend in the compa... Ver más

National Park Veladero Acapulco

Considered one of the most important ecological reserves of Guerrero, the National Park Veladero, Acapulco offers an attractive biodiversity in more than 3000 hectares. Located in the uptown area, near the amphitheater, within its territory t... Ver más

Navy Day Acapulco

The State of Guerrero is home to some of the most important celebrations of the country, the celebrations of Navy Day: Acapulco is a city in which it carries out the main commemoration of this historic day rich. Done in the port area, the eve... Ver más

Acapulco Economy

Within the State of Guerrero there are alternatives to promote tourism in various parts of the world, usually Mexican destinations tend to attract a lot of people from distant regions. However, most cases are unknown main characteristics of t... Ver más

Coyuca bar in Acapulco

Along with the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches are located some of the most beautiful attractions of the State of Guerrero, between these spaces is highlighted Coyuca Bar in Acapulco. Located near the village, this small natural corner has ce... Ver más

Acapulco beach activities

If we stop at the natural characteristics of the coast of Guerrero state, we can quickly infer that one of the main attractions are the beach activities: Acapulco has an excellent range of costs by the immensity of the Ocean Pacific re ; traf... Ver más

Paella and Wine Festival in Acapulco

In one of the most famous hotels in Guerrero takes place in a landmark event in southern Mexico: Paella and Wine Festival in Acapulco. Year after year, hundreds of residents and tourists are part of a gastronomic event of great importance for... Ver más

Acapulco Air Show to End

In Extremo Acapulco Air Show is the aerobatics display most important of the State of Guerrero. Year after year, tourists vacationing in this Mexican destination has access to one of the most fascinating events in the city. In general, the fl... Ver más